Some International Research Initiatives:  

The International Society for the Study of Narrative
ISSN is a nonprofit association of scholars dedicated to the investigation of narrative, its elements, techniques, and forms; its relations to other modes of discourse; its power and influence in cultures past and present.

The goal of researchers in StoryNet is to explore the content, experience, and usage of narratives in the media, and to investigate the mechanisms and conditions through which fictional and factual stories influence the audience's beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

European Narratology Network
The European Narratology Network is an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology
... is attached to the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Hamburg. Through the ICN, the internationally recognized expertise of the Narratology Research Group (Forschergruppe Narratologie/ FGN) contributes to the development of a narratological centre of excellence, informs teaching practice, and provides new means for blended learning.

Centre for Narratological Studies
The Center for Narratological Studies is a research unit at the Institute of Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Southern Denmark. The purpose of the unit is to explore narrative in all its aspects, but with special interest in theoretical issues. This is done by collective and individual research projects, seminars, conferences, exchanges and publications.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research of Narrative
CIRN is based at St. Thomas University, a liberal arts institution located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The mission of CIRN is to serve those working with narrative ideas and approaches in various disciplines within St. Thomas University and beyond: by facilitating research on the role of narrative (or story) in human experience; by assisting the development of theory on the storied complexity of human life; and by encouraging the use of narrative approaches to practice in a variety of fields.

Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies
Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies (2014– ) at Tampere University, Finland, advances the internationally renowned and interdisciplinary work that our team in literary studies and social sciences has been doing for more than two decades. Narrare brings together researchers in literary studies, social sciences, game studies, media and journalism, history, philosophy, education, psychology, health sciences, political science and administrative studies. The centre’s essential aim is to develop consistent narrative-theoretical methodology for all disciplines working with narrative.

Narrative, Culture, and Cognition
NCC Research Group at the University of Tartu, Estonia, is led by prof. Marina Grishakova. It is a venue for thinking critically about narrative as a nexus between mind and culture. We are interested in the study of complex narrative and aesthetic forms that circulate in modern culture, within the shared or competing realities of belief, perception, and cognition, and in various contexts and frames of human behavior. The group organizes and hosts various events, including seminars, workshops, guest talks, presentations, reading sessions, and public lectures. It builds connections to the international research communities in Europe, North-America, and other parts of the world.